2020 Data Updates

On July 1, 2020, we began a new six-month compliance sampling monitoring period in University Park. Compliance samples allow us to measure lead levels in water that has sat stagnant in customers’ pipes for six or more hours and is therefore at a higher risk for lead exposure.

In July 2020, we collected 66 compliance samples from University Park homes and businesses so we could better understand the chemistry in customers’ pipes and track our treatment’s progress.

Moving forward, on an ongoing monthly basis, we will collect additional compliance samples from homes within our existing sampling pool. To keep the public and other stakeholders informed of our progress, all results will be shared on this page by the 10th of each month. 

Customers can call 877.987.2782 at any time to request water sampling.

Previous Updates:




  • NOTE: In agreement with the State, water sampling in University Park was suspended in April due to COVID-19 and medical and government recommendations. As such, there is no water sampling data update for April 2020.





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