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Technical Assistance Program

More information about the proposed Technical Assistance Program (TAP) will be provided in the coming weeks.

To request free sampling outside the Technical Assistance Program call 815.614.2066.

Explore Water Facts

If you haven’t used your water for several hours, some water will be sitting stagnant in your pipes. That’s why it’s always a best practice in any water system to run tap water for a few minutes before use if it hasn’t been used for several hours. This ensures you are bringing in fresh water from the service lines. 


Think about how you use your water at home: Every time you take a shower or bath, wash your dishes, run a load of laundry or wash your hands, you’re helping move fresh water through your home’s pipes.

Routine water use helps keep your water fresh


Aerators are small attachments at the tips of faucets that regulate the flow of water. Over time, tiny particles of lead can break off and get trapped in aerator baskets, eventually contaminating the water.


Learn how to remove and clean your aerators.

Cleaning your aerators helps protect your household from lead

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