December 2020 community updates

12/10/2020 - We want to remind you that periodically removing and cleaning...

We want to remind you that periodically removing and cleaning your faucet aerators is one important way to protect your household from lead.

Aerators are small attachments at the tips of faucets that regulate the flow of water. Over time, tiny particles of lead can break off and get trapped in aerator baskets. Cleaning them only takes a few minutes.

You can click here for detailed instructions. For the latest updates, please continue to visit or call us at 877.987.2782 with questions.

The data continue to indicate that the treatment is working, and we remain committed to being a good community partner as we build on our progress. As always, we appreciate your continued patience and cooperation.

12/22/2020 - To our University Park customers - This is Craig Blanchette from...

To our University Park customers –

This is Craig Blanchette from Aqua Illinois. I am reaching out to share some great news: We just received the last water samples for the year, and they confirm that water quality in University Park has been restored.

State and federal drinking water regulations require that 90 percent of regularly sampled homes have lead levels of 15 micrograms per liter (ug/L) or less as measured over six-month monitoring periods – and data show that the 90th percentile met that benchmark for the July to December period.

This is a significant milestone that we have been striving towards since day one, and it reaffirms that the treatment is working. We are so grateful for your ongoing patience and cooperation throughout this process, and we hope this news instills some added peace of mind this holiday season.

As we enter the fourth and final phase of progress in the community: Resolve and Rebuild, we remain as committed as ever to prioritizing your well-being and restoring confidence in the water. As part of that process, we want you to know that you can request free water sampling by calling 877.987.2782 if you are concerned about lead plumbing in your home.

At your discretion, you can also continue to flush and filter before consumption. We are still offering bottled water and NSF-certified filters at this time through our local distribution center, which will be open during normal hours over the holidays. Please know, the call center will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, so we encourage you to call by 5 p.m. on Thursday if you are a customer who is homebound and you would like to request home bottled water deliveries.

Together, we have achieved high water quality in your community, and we will continue to be here for you and keep you updated as we work with state regulators on next steps.

For the latest updates, please visit or call us at 877.987.2782 with any questions. From the entire Aqua Illinois team: Thank you for helping us restore the water quality in University Park.

We wish you and yours safe and healthy holidays.


Craig Blanchette
President, Aqua Illinois