November 2020 community updates

11/10/2020 - This month, water in University Park has achieved the...

This month, water in University Park has achieved the government benchmark for high water quality. These results mean that this month, the community’s water is meeting the same quality benchmark that is required for every community in Illinois. The government benchmark requires that 90 percent of regularly sampled homes have low lead levels, or levels of 15 micrograms per liter (ug/L) or less, and for the month of October, the sampling data meet that water quality objective. The public education advisory on how to use and consume tap water remains in place for now as we continue working closely with regulators on next steps. It is always our goal to provide the best quality water to our customers, and regulators evaluate water for compliance with government benchmarks over six-month periods. As we build on our progress, if you are under the advisory, we encourage you to continue regular tap water use to help the treatment. We are on an encouraging path toward resolution and, though fluctuations remain possible as water quality continues to improve, this milestone demonstrates major progress toward achieving the solution. We remain committed to continuing to share information. The distribution center remains open to provide you with resources, including water filters, and you can continue to get up-to-date information at Nothing is more important to us than achieving the solution, and we thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

11/25/2020 - Together, we have achieved another key milestone in your...

Together, we have achieved another key milestone in your community. For the second consecutive month, data show that water quality in University Park has significantly improved and is meeting the Illinois regulatory benchmark. Our water sampling results, and continued improvement, demonstrate that there is no question the treatment is working effectively.
As we build on this progress, please continue to follow the advisory recommendations, including flushing and filtering for consumption and continued water use to help the treatment. This is a significant step, and we will continue to work closely with state regulators who measure water quality over a six-month period consistent with state regulations. This holiday week, the Distribution Center will continue to operate as scheduled. Please continue to visit or give us a call at 877.987.2782 for more information. Thank you for your continued cooperation and have a safe Thanksgiving!


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