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How to Consume Your Tap Water

The below video provides step-by-step instructions on the protective steps to take to consume your tap water if you remain under the advisory.

According to the EPA and the CDC, if you remain under the advisory, you can consume your tap water if you take the following protective steps:


Do not run hot tap water through these water filters. After filtering the cold tap water, you can heat it up before use if you prefer (for example, on the stove or in the microwave).


Remember, you can use unfiltered tap water (hot or cold) for non-consumption daily uses, such as bathing, washing hands, washing dishes and doing laundry. Regular use helps keep fresh water flowing through your pipes, while also helping the treatment process take effect in your home.

  1. Run your cold tap for 2-3 minutes when water has sat stagnant in internal plumbing, and


  2. Filter cold tap water through faucet and pitcher filters that are certified by the NSF to remove lead before consuming tap water.

List of Areas No Longer Under the Advisory

Please note, as of June 26, 2019, if you live in the following areas, your home has been removed from the advisory and you can consume your tap water: 


  • Arbors at Hickory Creek  

  • Fairway Club Estates  

  • Pine Woods Court*  

  • Governors State University  

  • all service areas West of I-57  

  • all service areas West of Old Monee Steger Road* 

  • Thornwood House Apartments 

  • Rosedale Subdivision (including: Cody Lane; Madisen Lane; Cassandra Lane; and Kevin Lane)

  • Pine Trace Court


*Unless you live in Pine Woods Court and were directly notified by Aqua Illinois that your home remains under the do not consume advisory.

Although it is not a requirement, even if your property has been lifted from the advisory, we always recommend that before use, you run your faucet until the temperature changes to ensure you are getting the freshest water, rather than water that has sat stagnant in internal plumbing. 

In addition to removing these areas from the advisory, we are using criteria worked on cooperatively with Illinois EPA to work with the owners of individual properties built after 1990 to lift them from the advisory.

Please know that it is possible for a property to be under the advisory while a property next door or across the street is not under the advisory. The property’s age, its individual internal plumbing and lead testing results determine whether any given property is on or off the list.

Aqua Illinois is directly notifying property owners once their properties have been lifted from the advisory.

If you have not been directly notified by Aqua Illinois that your property has been lifted from the advisory, please continue to follow all protections outlined here before consuming your water.

Please continue to visit this website or call 877.987.2782 for more information.

Up-to-date as of 08/09/2019