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Consuming Tap Water Under the Advisory

USEPA recommends a number of steps to reduce lead in drinking water including flushing your water before drinking, cleaning your faucet aerator, and using cold water for drinking and cooking. You can flush your home’s pipes by running the tap, taking a shower, doing laundry, or doing a load of dishes. Additionally, if you use a filter, proper installation and maintenance of filters is important to ensure filter effectiveness in reducing lead levels. EPA recommends following the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper filter use. Even if water contains lead, because your skin does not absorb it from water, uses such as washing hands, bathing, and washing dishes are still safe for children and adults. 

To learn more visit: https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/basic-information-about-lead-drinking-water#reducehome


Citizens of University Park can consume your tap water, if you take the following steps first:



Click below to view the regulatory guidance from the

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Making Progress in Your Community

Our water sampling results show the community’s water quality is improving. We continue to work collaboratively with regulators and the nation’s leading water chemistry experts since discovering elevated lead levels in some University Park homes in June.

If you remain under the advisory, please continue regularly using your tap water to keep this process moving as quickly as possible.

As we work together toward a resolution, we remain committed to keeping you informed and doing all we can to be a good community partner. We appreciate your ongoing cooperation and patience.

  1. Run your cold tap for 2-3 minutes when water has sat stagnant in internal plumbing, and


  2. filter cold tap water through faucet or pitcher filters that are certified to remove lead before consuming tap water.

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Click to view the video above for the latest progress updates and important information for those homes that remain under the advisory.

Helpful Information

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How to Consume

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Latest Community Update:

February 7, 2020 

If you remain under the advisory, we would like to remind you that periodically cleaning your faucet aerators is one important way you can protect your household from lead.


Aerators are small attachments at the tips of faucets that regulate the flow of water. Over time, tiny particles of lead can break off and get trapped in aerator baskets, eventually contaminating the water. 


Cleaning them only takes a few minutes. Click here for detailed instructions.


For the most up-to-date information, please continue to visit WaterFactsIL.com or call us at 877.987.2782 with questions.


Thank you for your continued patience.

Previous Community Updates:


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To receive faucet and pitcher filters, filter replacements or bottled water, please visit the new Aqua Distribution Center, where a member of our team will load resources directly into your vehicle.

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As always, we ask that you bring a State ID or Aqua bill as proof of residence.

Call the Aqua Customer Service Center at 877.987.2782 to:

  • Coordinate home deliveries if you are physically unable to pick up resources at the distribution center

  • Request water sample kits

  • Request more information

We thank you for your patience as we continue building on our progress until this is resolved.

To speak to a customer representative, please call 877.987.2782

For media inquires, please call 312.800.8414