Water Quality Restored in University Park

We’re pleased to share that water quality in University Park is now restored. This is a significant water quality milestone that we’ve been working towards since day one, and we thank our customers and community partners for helping us get here. 



State and federal drinking water regulations require that 90 percent of regularly sampled homes have lead levels of 15 micrograms per liter (ug/L) or less as measured over six-month monitoring periods – and data show that the 90th percentile met that benchmark for the July to December period. This important milestone was confirmed by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Rebuilding trust in the community

As we enter the fourth and final phase of progress in the community: Resolve and Rebuild, we remain as committed as ever to prioritizing customers’ well-being and restoring confidence in the water. As part of that process, customers can request free water sampling by calling 877.987.2782 if there are concerns about lead plumbing in their homes.  


At customers’ discretion, they can also continue to flush and filter before consuming water. We're still offering bottled water and NSF-certified filters at this time through our local distribution center.  


Together, we've achieved high water quality in University Park, and we'll continue to be here for the community. To our valued customers, we appreciate your resilience and partnership! 

Looking ahead at next steps

Restoring the water quality marked a major achievement for the community. As for next steps, January marked the start of a new six-month monitoring period and regulatory water sampling continues. Again, we appreciate your partnership with us and the State on this important program.

Once a water supplier meets the lead action level, like we have, regulators continue working with the supplier to confirm the treatment is “optimized.” This means validating that the treatment is as effective as possible for the water system (based on other important water quality aspects like water pH). As part of our ongoing monitoring and sampling protocols, we will continue collaborating with regulators on this process. 

As we have every step of the way, we will continue to keep you informed and encourage you to visit this site for updates or call us with any questions.

Helpful Information



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Data Updates

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Latest Community Update:

February 26, 2021

Since restoring University Park’s water quality last year, ongoing monitoring has remained a top priority as we work to regain your confidence. We want you to know that the community’s water quality samples continue to come back just as strong, and we can confirm water quality remains restored to below the regulatory action level.


Thank you for all your help in achieving this milestone.


In this period of rebuilding trust, please know that you can still call us to request free water sampling and can pick up free NSF-certified filters, filter replacements and bottled water at the Aqua Distribution Center.


As your water provider and community partner, you can count on us to keep you informed. For distribution center hours and up-to-date information, continue to visit WaterFactsIL.com or call us at 877.987.2782 with questions.

As always, we appreciate your continued cooperation.


Get Resources

To receive faucet and pitcher filters, filter replacements, bottled water or one-gallon jugs of water, please visit the Aqua Distribution Center, where a member of our team will load resources directly into your vehicle.

Address:              Aqua Distribution Center  
                             24650 S. Western Ave.

                             University Park, IL. 60484


Hours*:                 Monday:

11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


11 a.m. to 8 p.m.


11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

*Closed on national holidays

As always, we ask that you bring a State ID or Aqua bill as proof of residence.

Call the Aqua Customer Service Center at 877.987.2782 to:

  • Coordinate home deliveries if you are homebound or physically unable to pick up resources at the distribution center. Be sure to call by Friday each week to receive a home delivery the next week. Home water deliveries will take place on Tuesdays and include up to four cases of bottled water or 12 one-gallon jugs for the week.

  • Request water sample kits.

  • Request more information.

We thank you for your patience as we continue building on our progress until this is resolved.

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